What is Enigma (ENG) ? Where to buy it ?

What is Enigma

Enigma (ENG) is a decentralized computation platform with guaranteed privacy. The goal of Enigma is to enable developers to build ’privacy by design’, end-to-end decentralized applications, without a trusted third party.

Enigma wants to re-think how data is shared, aggregated and monetized in a way that maximizes collaboration. That’s why they are building the Enigma data marketplace protocol as well as Catalyst, the first application running on their protocol. Powered by the Enigma financial data marketplace, Catalyst empowers users to share and curate data and build profitable, data-driven investment strategies.

Enigma is creating a decentralized, open, secure data marketplace that allows people, companies and organizations to contribute and consume data. Subscribing to a data source is managed on-chain, including rewards and penalties, which are exchanged using our token. The data itself, its storage and transmission, lives off-chain. In that sense, the blockchain acts as the controller of the network while the off-chain network handles everything else.

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Where to buy Enigma (ENG) ?

To buy Enigma, I recommend this Exchange :

- Binance : https://www.binance.com/

Binance is a new Exchange, only for 
Cryptocurrencies, created in 2017.
Here, you can deposit Bitcoin or any other currency on your account, and then trade it for Enigma (ENG).
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