What is Everex (EVX) ? Where to buy it ?

What is Everex

Everex (EVX) is building the first transparent microfinance platform based on fiat pegged, fully reserved stable coin Ethereum smart contracts. Everex offers cross-border (micro)lending, remittances, merchant payments and currency exchange.

Everex enables you to transfer, borrow, and trade in any fiat currency, anywhere. With settlement times below 30 seconds, low transaction costs, and military grade security, the world’s financial markets are in the palm of your hand.

Everex transactions are settled on the basis of 100%-backed, Ethereum-based Cryptocash currencies. For every Cryptocash dollar, one US dollar is held in a publically viewable third-party escrow. Cryptocash can be redeemed at will and hence it is value-pegged to its fiat counterpart.

Everex builds a global network of partners and vendors that accept Everex transactions as payment, while functioning as cash-out stations at which Cryptocash can be redeemed against fiat currency. Everex remittance services are offered at highly competitive rates and easily outcompete those of credit cards and bank transfers, and hence they present vendors and service providers with enormous incentives to join the network.

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Where to buy Everex (EVX) ?

To buy Everex, I recommend this Exchange :

- Binance : https://www.binance.com/

Binance is a new Exchange, only for 
Cryptocurrencies, created in 2017.
Here, you can deposit Bitcoin or any other currency on your account, and then trade it for Everex (EVX).
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