What is Medicalchain (MTN) ? Where to buy it ?

What is Medicalchain

Medicalchain (MTN) uses blockchain technology to securely store health records and maintain a single version of the truth. The different organisations such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers can request permission to access a patient’s record to serve their purpose and record transactions on the distributed ledger.

Medicalchain provides solutions to today’s health record problems. The platform is built to securely store and share electronic health records. By digitizing health records and empowering users we can leverage countless industry synergies.

Medicalchain will provide immediate utilisation of health records by allowing patients to communicate directly with doctors and share their health records, for online consultations.

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Where to buy Medicalchain (MTN) ?

To buy Medicalchain, I recommend this Exchange :

- Gate.io : https://gate.io/

Gate.io is a Cryptocurrency Exchange with a lot of USDT trading pairs.
You can deposit Bitcoin or any other currency on your account, and then trade it for Medicalchain (MTN).
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