What is WaBi (WABI) ? Where to buy it ?

What is WaBi

WaBi is a token used in the loyalty system within the Walimai retail hyper channel for safe consumer products. Walimai uses banking - level, RFID-based, tamper-proof labels that are paired with the products’ digital represetations on the blockchain to ensure that products that are sold through the Walimai channel are securely protected against counterfeiting both physically and digitally.
Walimai solution securely links the blockchain to the physical world by ensuring that all transaction that take place with physical products are reflected on the blockchain.

The labels are protected against cloning through a decentralised algorithm where individual behaviour contributes to the overall security of the system. WaBi tokens are used in the system to encourage this behaviour and to reward consumers for purchasing products in the Walimai channel.

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Where to buy WaBi ?

To buy WaBi, I recommend this Exchange :

- Binance : https://www.binance.com/

Binance is a new Exchange, only for 
Cryptocurrencies, created in 2017.
Here, you can deposit Bitcoin or any other currency on your account, and then trade it for WaBi.
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