What is ZCoin (XZC) ? Where to buy it ?

What is ZCoin

ZCoin (XZC) is focusing on two main pillars : privacy and decentralization. Its Zerocoin anonymization method is built into it at a protocol level and uses proven cryptography that allows users to wipe transaction history from a coin while retaining supply auditability.
Unlike other privacy mechanisms which merely obfuscate the trail, the Zerocoin protocol allows complete breakage of the transaction trail while remaining auditable.
Zcoin also has a working prototype of MTP, a new proof of work algorithm that is meant to be truly ASIC resistant by requiring huge memory requirements on the miners while remaining lightweight on the verifiers. MTP is scheduled to launch in 2018.

The project aims to bring back the true vision of what Bitcoin was supposed to be, private, fungible and decentralized.

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Where to buy ZCoin (XZC) ?

To buy ZCoin, I recommend this Exchange :

- Binance : https://www.binance.com/

Binance is a new Exchange, only for 
Cryptocurrencies, created in 2017.
Here, you can deposit Bitcoin or any other currency on your account, and then trade it for ZCoin.
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